Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Portrait of Toby

I've been busy in my sewing room the past week and haven't been back to blog. As I mentioned last time, I wanted to let everyone see my progress as I put together a quilt of Toby. I've been trying to learn how do some simple editing in Adobe Photoshop Elements with the pictures my official photog takes of my work (Jay). I can do some basic editing, but it's going to be a slow and painful learning curve for me. I just can't plant myself in front of the computer long enough to sink my teeth into the program for a whole day.

I took some headshots of Toby and manipulated the photo into black and white layers. I then projected the picture using the overhead projector onto the wall and traced the main layers. From there I labeled everything and assigned fabric selections to various layers. I am still working on getting my colors right and putting together the basic shape. Here are some pictures of the tracing, the transparency I made to trace the piece, a real picture of Toby, and the beginning of the fabric. Hope you enjoy it.