Sunday, July 5, 2009

to dye for

I finally mixed dyes and prepared fabric for painting and dyeing. It was a lot of fun playing chemist. I used Melanie Testa's new book, "Inspired to Quilt" for various recipes needed to get fabric and dye ready to create art. I love her book because it gives step by step directions for exact measurements of all the stuff you need to do this. There are many steps! First I mixed the pro print paste, since it has to sit for at least 1 hour before you use it. Dyes are the consistency of water which makes it very hard to paint with so you need to thicken the dyes by mixing them with the print paste mixture. While the thickener was setting up, I made a batch of soda ash, urea, and water to soak my pfd- prepared for dyeing fabric. The fabric has to be prepped to accept the dyes by first soaking for 30 minutes then drip drying. Finally, I mixed up dye concentrates of 5 colors with fiber reactive dye powder, urea, and water. This is how Jay and I spent our 19th wedding anniversary!! What fun.

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  1. Hi Amy. My friend Jojo pointed me toward your blog! What a great photo of you working with my book! Hooray! Glad you are using it.