Monday, October 19, 2009

We're in Asheville

We did it! After nearly 40 years in Florida we have moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. This is a picture of our new home!!

It's been completely crazy for the last several weeks, hence my lack of blog updates. Moving from one side of town to the other, which we did only a short 10 months ago, was a piece of cake, compared to moving out of state. There's a science to packing for a long move, but science wasn't my strong subject in school! Jay can't find the remote to the TV and my special box with towels, sheets, and other essential "must haves" for the first night in our new home ended up in the basement behind 40 other boxes in the basement. YES!! We have a basement. I've never had a basement. Well, not a real basement. In Florida, we have garages that are lovingly called "Florida Basements" because cars never make it in the garage, just all the stuff we have no room for anywhere in the house lands there. Now we not only have a garage, but a basement too!

I've also been busy putting together lots of retreats for Sharon Schamber, Gina Perkes, and Terry White. Sharon and Gina live only a mile from each other so we decided to have a series of retreats in Payson, AZ in late Feb-early March 2010, May 2010, and Sept 2010. Jay and I , and Toby, of course, can't wait to be in Payson,, working with Sharon in her brand new studio for her retreats, as well as with Gina, in her retreat location. I've got specific dates on my website so check it out.

And, speaking of websites, I've been working with an incredible graphic designer, Laura Jane. She's put together a new look for Silver Rain. I can't wait till it's up and running- hopefully in the next week or so. So please check back soon. And check out Laura Jane's other work at: She is so talented!!

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