Friday, January 29, 2010

quilting talent is everywhere in North Carolina

First thing I did after we moved to Asheville was to find and join the local quilt guild (well, ALMOST the first thing I did).  We've got an awesome and active group of ladies (and men too) over 300 strong!  I've jumped in with both feet and am the new assistant program chair this year.  That means I get to build the 2011 workshop schedule and then be program chair in 2011.  While it is a lot of work, it's tons of fun and best of all, I get to choose the artists to fill our calendar.  The way it works is we have a lecture during our meeting and a full day workshop the following day.

Given the weather is unpredictable in February, we have our annual quilt show in August, and the international Quilt Festival is in October,  I need to find artists fairly local that won't be deterred by a snowstorm or have conflicts with the shows.  It was easy to find local talent!

I've found incredible talent throughout the state.  We've got Patsy Thompson, Susan Brubaker Knapp, and Lyric Kinard coming in 2011 to share their techniques and talents with us.

Speaking of quilt shows, I am driving myself crazy deciding on a design/technique for my show entry.  I'm leaning towards a wholecloth, since I love, love, love the quilting part of quilt making the most.  I just can't decide on WHAT design to quilt.  The theme is "Stars over the Mountains" but does that really matter?  I saw pictures of past shows and most of the entries had nothing to do with the theme, so WHY is it driving me crazy?? Mountains, flowers, what?

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