Friday, February 19, 2010

check out the blue chic!

My incredibly talented web designer, Laura Jane, of ChickenScratchStudio, just sent me what I fondly call "my blue chic."  Blue chic is going to grace my blog header from here on out.  I love her hair-  it reminds me of quilting swirls.

Laura Jane has the patience of a saint.  I hemmed and hawed over this blue chic for months.  What colors?  What fonts? What colors? What fonts?  How "big" should the hair be?  To her credit, Laura Jane didn't run for the hills.  She delivered me exactly what I didn't know I wanted until I saw it.  That's the kind of consumer I am.  I know what I want, but can't always explain what I want until I actually see it.  Makes for some frustration for everyone.  But in the end, it works out just fine.  If you ever need anything--  a logo, a header, a website, a storefront, LauraJane is your go-to person.  I know she is mine.

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